“The rise of the India”

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all my dear friends….
India a country of a billion people … hmm, no would rather say a country of billion Ideas. Each idea being nourished and being backed up by religious dogmas. And between all this dogmas and ideas rises the rivalries and debates and this is how my lovely India is being built. Although we have billions of ideas but those are kept and being buried in the laziness. As I have mentioned in the post “Introduction”, having an idea and putting that idea in the motion are pieces of two different cakes.
On this auspicious day I want to write about one of the features of India… and that is the search of savior. We always want someone to drive us safely home. To kill the cunning Kansh, we had stories of Krishna. To kill mighty Ravan ,Ram took birth…And hence we are now used to such stories and we all want someone to help us. Anna hazare is the one who did one of such mighty tasks…Till then we people were never united all time the only word we used were chalta hai (let it be)…We don’t care unless our task is done and that’s where our society fails. The ultimate goal of socialism is to build a better planet and to help the upcoming generation, to provide them enough opportunities to excel. Have we ever had such noble goal in our mind? A father at the age of 50 still goes to office, earns the money and provide his family a shelter the sole goal is to nourish his family and to teach his child and help him get better tomorrow. Have we ever thought of mother India in same manner? Such arguments are eternal and the solution to it is better stop giving ideas and start executing them. Now as the team we found new Gandhinian among us …all we can do is to start following him. At the beginning of the new decade world is expecting a lot from the honest (!!!) Indians to deliver the world a new super power.

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