Abortion : should it be legalized?

Before reading this article, i want you to watch following video. It was sent by my close friend which has inspired me to write this article.

Death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland during delivery has rekindled a debate, should abortion be legalised? There are pros and cons associated with legalising this act. When we have freedom to live, legalising abortion and hence killing innocent child, aren’t we snatching his right to live?

In India, boy child is preferred over girl child. This biased attitude challenges the balance of nature. Neither woman nor man has control over the sex of the child, yet women are blamed for it. Prenatal sex determination and patriarchal system has deteriorated the sex ratio. Government has to run the campaign to create awareness about importance of girl child to maintain the sex ratio. The following graph suggests the worsening situation in India. Hence in countries like India, abortion should be legally banned in order to improve the sex ratio.

India child sex ratio

But this again takes us to the point, what if mother is going through weak medical situation where either a mother or a child can be saved? What action doctor is entitled to take? Let’s add some more parameters to make doctor’s dilemma more severe. What if mother has two small children and is going through weak medical condition? What if mother is widow? In such situations it is quite obvious to save mother over unborn child. So in such cases doctor needs legal assistance to proceed.

But this assistance can also be misused. Weak medical condition is too subjective. It can be construed in many ways and doctor can misuse it to favour his clients who prefers boy over girl child. There must be enough parameters and team of doctors to determine the condition and enough technology to ensure the safety of mother and child.

The question of abortion also comes when growth of foetus is not decent. If a child is not showing good mental and physical development during pregnancy, such weak child will always go through challenges when he comes out in the world. Mentally or physically weak child will have to endure many challenges from peers, which he might not be capable of handling and will go deep down in depression every second he lived. This child might give up and commit a suicide. He will blame his parents for allowing him to come in cruel world. He will die every moment he lives. Allowing to kill such foetus and hence killing it once might seem an option here.

Women not married accounts for 2/3rd of the abortion. And looking at the average age when a girl is losing their virginity, it has gone down in to teens now. So such unintended pregnancies should be aborted. Teen girl getting pregnant, such girl might not have strength to provide enough nutrition to provide her child and this might end up in immature child’s birth. There are social issues related to premarital sex and pregnancies. Law should have clause to handle such exception.  People might argue on providing sex education and creating awareness about birth control methods, which might help to avoid such situations.

There is also religious aspect to this debate. Life is in almighty’s hand. Who are we to stop God’s act. Religiously abortion is condemned and regarded as murder. Different religions have different views. But I don’t want to point out them here.

The point is abortion should be legalised but only in the cases where health of mother is so critical as only one of them can be saved. It should be legalised only during the early stage of pregnancies which takes care of unintended pregnancies. Awareness about birth control method though tops the list.


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