India Shining ??

Is India Shining story already over?

India Shining

It wasn’t too far back when India was seen as an obvious future world superpower. But as the first decade of 21st century ended the dream has also ended in many of the Indians mind. Having 70% of the population in working age group, the period can prove to be a productive one. Serving the aspirations of this huge population can catapult country to the growth path and double digit GDP shouldn’t be a bigger achievement, provided the vast and the huge resources of the country like India. But the same asset can turn out to be liability. If enough opportunities are not created then the number of families below poverty line increases and hence the subsidy bill of government also increases.

During the first decade of 21st century, rise of the nation was seen as well planned story. Reliable banking sector of india where everything was controlled by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has helped India maintain 6-7 % GDP growth when world was going through the recession. This is when India was at the top of the hill. “Good times lasts shorter, worse lasts longer.”  And since then till now the economic growth has been plummeting. The growth forecast by different organisations is on the downside. Statistically India should be dream land for any sector. Be it service, education, retail, manufacturing or pharmaceutical. Millions of students are graduating every day. In search of job, better lifestyle, better urban facility, freedom from red tapes and bureaucracy. Their independence has been murdered sometimes in the archaic laws. 2008-2012 were the years when ruling government was trapped by scams and the citizens wondered what number could have been bigger than this. The scams has increased the red tapes and government bureaucrat became circumspective and hence the clearance of projects and got delayed. The slowing process affected parliament and hence the reforms dint get enough discussion to be pushed and India was stuck in 5.2% GDP. This impacted the government’s plans to raise funds via 2G auction in November 2012. Where the target was to raise 40000 crore rupees and it ended up raising 9400 crore rupees. This are just couple of figures which might make u think over “Is India shining story already over?”

It is not only in economics where India has failed to perform according to world’s expectations. India had never been good sporting country.  There is an athletic in a decade if not many. But at the end of the first decade, in recent days to be precise, humiliation at the world stage has again raised the question asked above. Ban from International Olympic association was the worst humiliation a nation can have. When athletics are giving their 100 per cent commitment to meet the nation’s expectation and trying to perform at the world stage under tremendous pressure from athletics who are trained in the better environment. Following the election of the president of indian Olympic association was the least expected from the authorities. Here again dirty politics has let brand image of India down. It was the case of mismanagement by authority but cricket- a religion of India had different story to tell.

Indian cricket, after winning the world cup at home ground in 2011, seems like they have won everything and hence winning any matches won’t give them any accolades. Two back to back whitewashes, other series defeats have erased India from its beloved game. Indian cricket is in its worst phase ever.  And this again takes us back to the title of the article.

To come out this downturn what we need is proper governance. The youth is no more interested in babri masjid demolition or 2002 godhra riots or 1984 sikh riots. What they need is development. They are grown up in post liberalization era. Xenophobic governance is out dated.  As far as cricket is concerned, managing the schedule and fitness of player plus keeping them away from the controversy could be the solution. Game is won by performance not by pitch. A good bowler is decent if not bad on any pitches as shown by recent test series. Like Arjuna only seeing bird’s eye can make u achieve your goal. Wish next time I write an article on India, numbers endorse my optimism.


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