Delhi : Crime Capital of India

Yesterday(18-12) was just like a normal day for me, woke up, read newspaper, finished movie which I slept while watching. Than went to college, read some online article, played game, watched videos on youtube. An ordinary day till I had reached home. It wasn’t the same when I turned on the TV. The debates were on, issue was ONE MORE gang rape in DELHI, a crime capital of India. For two continuous hours i had mood swings. I felt being ashamed of part of the system that does not respect girl anymore. A nation aspire to be superpower must ensure the security of its female population. Gender discrimination and abortion of girl child is not new in India. Imbalance in sex ratio has deteriorated the female conditions in nation. I always believe, a man who cannot respect a lady can never be successful.

I felt the magnitude of the event when i realized one of my best friend, she was avoiding me since last night, in noon i had seen her post on facebook and found the reason of her being upset. It took me an hour to make her calm and to get her back in good mood. The trust female had in their male counterpart is questioned by such incidents. Women are the most beautiful but you must respect them. Else they know how to destroy you. You must learn how to respect the beauty. She has best roles to play in your life, as your wife she is entitled to share all your problems, as mother she has made you whatever you are and has given her best to make u capable to achieve anything you want, as sister she shares the secrets of your teenage life, as girlfriend she shares the academic and family trouble you face in transitional phase of your life. You must respect such a beautiful creation of almighty.

Yesterday when all channel started debating and condemning the issue, it took me back in the time when dirty incident of molestation in Guwahati, the video footage was the clear evidence of what was happening and who are the culprit. Yet it took police two days to arrest them and two months to file a charge sheet. This shows how pathetic the situation of law and order in India is.

While watching debates, joint commissioner was asked to answer the questions from panel and from viewers. It can be seen that he was under political pressure. It cannot be the fact. It is my opinion and can be false. But the fact that despite having more than 600 patrolling vehicle in one of the posh area of delhi without getting noticed is really shameful. After this incident, the very next night, a group of people were caught in the eyes of camera, teasing a lady reporter. Even the car number was visible in the footage. But no steps were taken.

I tried finding the reasons for rise in such cases. Rise in molestation and rape cases can never be justified. But what are the possible reasons after this. One of them can be the Bollywood. It was pointed out by one of the panellist in debate. She said, in movies actress is addressed as MAAL , like some object. The item songs further deteriorate the issues. It is although not proper to blame Bollywood but it can be held responsible for vulgar songs and language in the movies.

Missing a metro in Delhi can be fatal for you. Shelila Dixit, being a lady as the chief minister of Delhi, advised people to not to step outside home after sunset and if you want to then have a male partner to accompany. It is very shameful but it is an official statement of CM of Delhi. The worse is when Delhi Commissioner said that it is theoretically possible but practically not possible to examine each running vehicle. I don’t know what he was suggesting.

It might be one more sensational news for nation, for media, few days of debates in parliament and few statements asking strict punishment for accused from higher order authority. But can this deliver the justice or will be one more statistics. What about the girl who had faced it. I got the message on my mobile, describing the poor condition of 23 year old girl. Many statements came to ban the tinted glasses of vehicles. But does that take away the trauma girl went through. What should be done which removes such devils from the society?

Bus Route

Death penalty and life imprisonment are there, and rape is also un-bail able crime, but don’t know how guilty finds loophole and gets the bail. The entire process should be made available in public domain. Such people should be punished in a manner that each day they realize the magnitude of the crime they have committed. Hanging might end his life, but true justice will come when each day he will pass as if he is dead. He should curse his life. This can be done by castration. The increase in punishment hasn’t reduced the number of crime. The worst part is yesterday joint commisoner of Delhi said, the education and the awareness has made more female come out and complain. Shame on you joint commissioner, instead of accepting your failure to ensure the security you are giving such trivial excuses. Our honourable ex-president Mrs.Pratibha Patil has pardoned as much as 30 death sentences. So there is an escape route there too. So according to me loss of sex libido is what will humiliate them.  It will hurt him lifetime and will send a strong message in society among these animals.

The bus in which unfortunate incident took place.

The views shared here are personal and not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I don’t support any party or religion. I support mankind and write in the development of better society.

Jai Hind!


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