Trust Deficit


Before starting this post I would like to pray for the soul of the fighter who has proved her brevity over shameless patriarchal society.

As an aspirant of management studies, we are familiar with the word “deficit”. But the term we are talking has bigger and domino effect. It is the worst situation which any society would like to avoid. Any government uses its all resources to bridge the gap between expenditure and revenue in order to minimize current account deficit, fiscal deficit and so on. But the bigger concern which is blooming over world is the loss of trust people had in authority.

Change is one of the fundamental processes of the society and every human race goes through it multiple times during its evolution as better society. But sometimes the changes in many aspects of society coincide and that marks an annihilation of current society and makes way for better and improved society. If we talk about India particularly, we have seen loss of trust in governance. Urban population no longer believe in the promises made by higher authorities. The anti-corruption campaign of Anna Hazare has lost its magical effect and the subsequent fasts drew very few people. The promise by the government to push the bill in winter session of the last year hasn’t happened. The extended session of parliament dint favour the movement either. Every party wants to take credit of strong legislation amendments. BJP looking to get this bill passed in its ruling time i.e. 2014 onwards as they are likely to win that election looking at the way congress manhandled India. There is lack of communication between PM and its people. There is lack of communication between so called youth icon of India, Rahul Gandhi and youth of India. Average age of population of India is 21 years and that of Member of Parliament is 53.03 years. This huge gape creates the generation gap and hence widens the trust deficit. Even the all India congress scion and youth icon of India himself is 42 years which is double than the average age of Indian.

What has happened in delhi in last week has shown the wide gap between political parties and common man. There were thousands waiting outside raisina hill and wanting their representative to come out and address them assure them about the government’s stand and assure about the strict steps government is about to take. But they made mockery of the situation. The spontaneous crowd battled water canon in the chilling morning, beard lathi charge for an unknown girl in whom they see helpless state their own female friends can be someday if proper steps aren’t taken. This was the best time for Rahul Gandhi to lead these no party affiliated people, talk to them, show how he is keen on providing safety to women in India. But what he did was enjoyed his royal meal at his palace. Worst was the speech by Manmohan Singh which ended in “Theek Hai”. He needs script to express his sympathy; doesn’t he have his own words to express? How more insensitive this can get? Maybe this youth aren’t in there vote bank like the minorities are and hence reservation in promotion is on higher priority compared to the protection of women. FDI can have public awareness rally why not this issue. When they run for mass for their rallies but why hide when mass is out waiting for you. Can’t u speak your heart? Can’t u speak without your speech paper?

When there is hike in their salary by 300 % why not increase the number of days parliament work?

This is not only bound to India and its government, trust deficit has been found in other parts of the world and in other sectors too. Banks aren’t the safest place to keep your money after 2008 recession and hence the loss of trust in banking sector. Loss in the dictatorship where people want more freedom was evident in Egypt and in other parts of middle east during arab spring.

The need of the hour is to regain this trust by changing the society with the time. Nothing is permanent. Ensuring the safety of people’s rights, their freedom of expression, their social independence, their financial security is what needs to be done. The top of the pyramid won’t last longer if the bottom feels insecure and start moving even few inches. Mayans calendars doomsday was maybe more of psychological trauma and a gate for better society that we want in the upcoming 2013. They might mean the doomsday for the evil. And Let’s hope the promises made in the recent case proves to be a beginning in order to uproot evil worldwide.

Let’s not politicize this issue and fight united against the evil elements of the society. Wish higher authorities have common sense and stop the blame game and react.


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