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Trust Deficit


Before starting this post I would like to pray for the soul of the fighter who has proved her brevity over shameless patriarchal society.

As an aspirant of management studies, we are familiar with the word “deficit”. But the term we are talking has bigger and domino effect. It is the worst situation which any society would like to avoid. Any government uses its all resources to bridge the gap between expenditure and revenue in order to minimize current account deficit, fiscal deficit and so on. But the bigger concern which is blooming over world is the loss of trust people had in authority.

Change is one of the fundamental processes of the society and every human race goes through it multiple times during its evolution as better society. But sometimes the changes in many aspects of society coincide and that marks an annihilation of current society and makes way for better and improved society. If we talk about India particularly, we have seen loss of trust in governance. Urban population no longer believe in the promises made by higher authorities. The anti-corruption campaign of Anna Hazare has lost its magical effect and the subsequent fasts drew very few people. The promise by the government to push the bill in winter session of the last year hasn’t happened. The extended session of parliament dint favour the movement either. Every party wants to take credit of strong legislation amendments. BJP looking to get this bill passed in its ruling time i.e. 2014 onwards as they are likely to win that election looking at the way congress manhandled India. There is lack of communication between PM and its people. There is lack of communication between so called youth icon of India, Rahul Gandhi and youth of India. Average age of population of India is 21 years and that of Member of Parliament is 53.03 years. This huge gape creates the generation gap and hence widens the trust deficit. Even the all India congress scion and youth icon of India himself is 42 years which is double than the average age of Indian.

What has happened in delhi in last week has shown the wide gap between political parties and common man. There were thousands waiting outside raisina hill and wanting their representative to come out and address them assure them about the government’s stand and assure about the strict steps government is about to take. But they made mockery of the situation. The spontaneous crowd battled water canon in the chilling morning, beard lathi charge for an unknown girl in whom they see helpless state their own female friends can be someday if proper steps aren’t taken. This was the best time for Rahul Gandhi to lead these no party affiliated people, talk to them, show how he is keen on providing safety to women in India. But what he did was enjoyed his royal meal at his palace. Worst was the speech by Manmohan Singh which ended in “Theek Hai”. He needs script to express his sympathy; doesn’t he have his own words to express? How more insensitive this can get? Maybe this youth aren’t in there vote bank like the minorities are and hence reservation in promotion is on higher priority compared to the protection of women. FDI can have public awareness rally why not this issue. When they run for mass for their rallies but why hide when mass is out waiting for you. Can’t u speak your heart? Can’t u speak without your speech paper?

When there is hike in their salary by 300 % why not increase the number of days parliament work?

This is not only bound to India and its government, trust deficit has been found in other parts of the world and in other sectors too. Banks aren’t the safest place to keep your money after 2008 recession and hence the loss of trust in banking sector. Loss in the dictatorship where people want more freedom was evident in Egypt and in other parts of middle east during arab spring.

The need of the hour is to regain this trust by changing the society with the time. Nothing is permanent. Ensuring the safety of people’s rights, their freedom of expression, their social independence, their financial security is what needs to be done. The top of the pyramid won’t last longer if the bottom feels insecure and start moving even few inches. Mayans calendars doomsday was maybe more of psychological trauma and a gate for better society that we want in the upcoming 2013. They might mean the doomsday for the evil. And Let’s hope the promises made in the recent case proves to be a beginning in order to uproot evil worldwide.

Let’s not politicize this issue and fight united against the evil elements of the society. Wish higher authorities have common sense and stop the blame game and react.


To MMS, after reading this would you say #TheekHai ?


Having pontificated for two days over the tornado of protests that have hit Delhi, I found time to contemplate if I *really* knew what they were protesting about. So I asked someone who has lived there and experienced the alternating splendor and horror of Delhi; my wife. This is what she had to say.

I love Delhi, the city. I love its wide, open roads, its wonderful architecture. I’ve made great friends in Delhi. I went to a wonderful school in Delhi. I’ve also suffered in Delhi. I’m one of millions of women with tales to tell of how Delhi has ground our self-respect and security to dust. General descriptions of harassment can’t adequately describe the horror a woman faces every day in the city. There isn’t a single moment when you’re walking its streets that you can think “I’m safe, I can breathe easy and enjoy the sunshine. What…

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Delhi : Crime Capital of India

Yesterday(18-12) was just like a normal day for me, woke up, read newspaper, finished movie which I slept while watching. Than went to college, read some online article, played game, watched videos on youtube. An ordinary day till I had reached home. It wasn’t the same when I turned on the TV. The debates were on, issue was ONE MORE gang rape in DELHI, a crime capital of India. For two continuous hours i had mood swings. I felt being ashamed of part of the system that does not respect girl anymore. A nation aspire to be superpower must ensure the security of its female population. Gender discrimination and abortion of girl child is not new in India. Imbalance in sex ratio has deteriorated the female conditions in nation. I always believe, a man who cannot respect a lady can never be successful.

I felt the magnitude of the event when i realized one of my best friend, she was avoiding me since last night, in noon i had seen her post on facebook and found the reason of her being upset. It took me an hour to make her calm and to get her back in good mood. The trust female had in their male counterpart is questioned by such incidents. Women are the most beautiful but you must respect them. Else they know how to destroy you. You must learn how to respect the beauty. She has best roles to play in your life, as your wife she is entitled to share all your problems, as mother she has made you whatever you are and has given her best to make u capable to achieve anything you want, as sister she shares the secrets of your teenage life, as girlfriend she shares the academic and family trouble you face in transitional phase of your life. You must respect such a beautiful creation of almighty.

Yesterday when all channel started debating and condemning the issue, it took me back in the time when dirty incident of molestation in Guwahati, the video footage was the clear evidence of what was happening and who are the culprit. Yet it took police two days to arrest them and two months to file a charge sheet. This shows how pathetic the situation of law and order in India is.

While watching debates, joint commissioner was asked to answer the questions from panel and from viewers. It can be seen that he was under political pressure. It cannot be the fact. It is my opinion and can be false. But the fact that despite having more than 600 patrolling vehicle in one of the posh area of delhi without getting noticed is really shameful. After this incident, the very next night, a group of people were caught in the eyes of camera, teasing a lady reporter. Even the car number was visible in the footage. But no steps were taken.

I tried finding the reasons for rise in such cases. Rise in molestation and rape cases can never be justified. But what are the possible reasons after this. One of them can be the Bollywood. It was pointed out by one of the panellist in debate. She said, in movies actress is addressed as MAAL , like some object. The item songs further deteriorate the issues. It is although not proper to blame Bollywood but it can be held responsible for vulgar songs and language in the movies.

Missing a metro in Delhi can be fatal for you. Shelila Dixit, being a lady as the chief minister of Delhi, advised people to not to step outside home after sunset and if you want to then have a male partner to accompany. It is very shameful but it is an official statement of CM of Delhi. The worse is when Delhi Commissioner said that it is theoretically possible but practically not possible to examine each running vehicle. I don’t know what he was suggesting.

It might be one more sensational news for nation, for media, few days of debates in parliament and few statements asking strict punishment for accused from higher order authority. But can this deliver the justice or will be one more statistics. What about the girl who had faced it. I got the message on my mobile, describing the poor condition of 23 year old girl. Many statements came to ban the tinted glasses of vehicles. But does that take away the trauma girl went through. What should be done which removes such devils from the society?

Bus Route

Death penalty and life imprisonment are there, and rape is also un-bail able crime, but don’t know how guilty finds loophole and gets the bail. The entire process should be made available in public domain. Such people should be punished in a manner that each day they realize the magnitude of the crime they have committed. Hanging might end his life, but true justice will come when each day he will pass as if he is dead. He should curse his life. This can be done by castration. The increase in punishment hasn’t reduced the number of crime. The worst part is yesterday joint commisoner of Delhi said, the education and the awareness has made more female come out and complain. Shame on you joint commissioner, instead of accepting your failure to ensure the security you are giving such trivial excuses. Our honourable ex-president Mrs.Pratibha Patil has pardoned as much as 30 death sentences. So there is an escape route there too. So according to me loss of sex libido is what will humiliate them.  It will hurt him lifetime and will send a strong message in society among these animals.

The bus in which unfortunate incident took place.

The views shared here are personal and not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I don’t support any party or religion. I support mankind and write in the development of better society.

Jai Hind!

India Shining ??

Is India Shining story already over?

India Shining

It wasn’t too far back when India was seen as an obvious future world superpower. But as the first decade of 21st century ended the dream has also ended in many of the Indians mind. Having 70% of the population in working age group, the period can prove to be a productive one. Serving the aspirations of this huge population can catapult country to the growth path and double digit GDP shouldn’t be a bigger achievement, provided the vast and the huge resources of the country like India. But the same asset can turn out to be liability. If enough opportunities are not created then the number of families below poverty line increases and hence the subsidy bill of government also increases.

During the first decade of 21st century, rise of the nation was seen as well planned story. Reliable banking sector of india where everything was controlled by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has helped India maintain 6-7 % GDP growth when world was going through the recession. This is when India was at the top of the hill. “Good times lasts shorter, worse lasts longer.”  And since then till now the economic growth has been plummeting. The growth forecast by different organisations is on the downside. Statistically India should be dream land for any sector. Be it service, education, retail, manufacturing or pharmaceutical. Millions of students are graduating every day. In search of job, better lifestyle, better urban facility, freedom from red tapes and bureaucracy. Their independence has been murdered sometimes in the archaic laws. 2008-2012 were the years when ruling government was trapped by scams and the citizens wondered what number could have been bigger than this. The scams has increased the red tapes and government bureaucrat became circumspective and hence the clearance of projects and got delayed. The slowing process affected parliament and hence the reforms dint get enough discussion to be pushed and India was stuck in 5.2% GDP. This impacted the government’s plans to raise funds via 2G auction in November 2012. Where the target was to raise 40000 crore rupees and it ended up raising 9400 crore rupees. This are just couple of figures which might make u think over “Is India shining story already over?”

It is not only in economics where India has failed to perform according to world’s expectations. India had never been good sporting country.  There is an athletic in a decade if not many. But at the end of the first decade, in recent days to be precise, humiliation at the world stage has again raised the question asked above. Ban from International Olympic association was the worst humiliation a nation can have. When athletics are giving their 100 per cent commitment to meet the nation’s expectation and trying to perform at the world stage under tremendous pressure from athletics who are trained in the better environment. Following the election of the president of indian Olympic association was the least expected from the authorities. Here again dirty politics has let brand image of India down. It was the case of mismanagement by authority but cricket- a religion of India had different story to tell.

Indian cricket, after winning the world cup at home ground in 2011, seems like they have won everything and hence winning any matches won’t give them any accolades. Two back to back whitewashes, other series defeats have erased India from its beloved game. Indian cricket is in its worst phase ever.  And this again takes us back to the title of the article.

To come out this downturn what we need is proper governance. The youth is no more interested in babri masjid demolition or 2002 godhra riots or 1984 sikh riots. What they need is development. They are grown up in post liberalization era. Xenophobic governance is out dated.  As far as cricket is concerned, managing the schedule and fitness of player plus keeping them away from the controversy could be the solution. Game is won by performance not by pitch. A good bowler is decent if not bad on any pitches as shown by recent test series. Like Arjuna only seeing bird’s eye can make u achieve your goal. Wish next time I write an article on India, numbers endorse my optimism.

Microsoft Phone Interview

I am lucky enough to have an opportunity to be interviewed by Microsoft (MS). MS has visited our campus couple of months back. It had two rounds of written test.

First one was technical + aptitude test. It can hardly be categorized as technical round as all the questions were based on simple mathematics. For example, the size of block was given and read write speed of device was given and we were asked to find the time it will take to finish the operation. There were 15 questions. Few questions were technical too. Like, find the in-order traversal of the tree using pre-order traversal. This question again comes under discreet mathematics. So statistically speaking 7-9 questions were based on simple arithmetic calculation, 2-3 questions were based on tree as mentioned above. Rest were miscellaneous. No doubt, they were cakewalk.

Second round had some technical questions, in which we were asked to write three programs in an hour. The problem statements were.

  • Convert a number from hexadecimal to decimal
  • Find the three top largest number from an array.
  • In a linked list reverse the fourth, fifth and sixth element. If list has three elements then no change, five elements than fourth and fifth were to be reversed. And so on.

35 students who were there in second round could write code in 45-50 minutes to be max. So overall written test weren’t that tough. The result of second round was announced after two months. On the day of Diwali, 13th November 2012, those who were shortlisted got an email asking to schedule their phone interview in the week starting from 19th November. It also mentioned the positions they were looking for, software developer, software developer in testing for Hyderabad and Redmond headquarters. I scheduled my interview on 21st November 7:30 am pacific standard time (9:00 pm IST). Generally interview duration is 30 minutes and 15 minutes are kept as buffer if any technical issue comes. I have enlisted few tips that might help in interview.Phone interview normally consists of the question  termed as behavioral interview. Scan your life retrospectively and you will find answer to many of this behavioral interview questions.Write them down in word file, it might help you in answering questions on call when you will be nervous. In addition to that, they ask some classical puzzles and which gets repeated every time.

  • Keep a glass of water next to you, which calms you down when you get nervous
  • Use hands-free for conversation, which will free you to do any calculations if needed.

On 21st November on 9:05 pm IST, I got my call.We had received an email as reminder for phone interview. I got her first name in email. So I searched her on LinkedIn and found her profile. She is Indian-American so accent wasn’t the problem. Few of my friends had accent problem. She had done her masters from India, so she was aware of Indian system. All phone interviewers were HR person. So the questions won’t be technical for sure. My interview lasted for 25 minutes. I will list down the questions asked.

  • What is good code?
  • Which is your favorite Microsoft product? Why?
  • Would you like to add some features in it?
  • Name the product of Microsoft which you don’t like and would like to improve.
  • Which is your favorite programming language and why?
  • The longest program you had written and for what?
  • Describe a situation where you had to find solution to technically difficult situation.
  • Though you haven’t worked on java for long, still if you want to answer than, tell me differences between java and C++. If you aren’t comfortable with question than we can skip it.
  • Tell me about your project.
  • Tell me something from your resume that we haven’t discussed so far.
  • Tell me something which is not there in your resume and you would like to mention.
  • How would you test a keyboard?
  • You have 9 balls, equally big, equally heavy – except for one, which is a little heavier. How would you identify the heavier ball if you could use a pair of balance scales only twice?
  • Design a calculator for second grad student.

These are the questions I can remember so far. As you can see they aren’t difficult one. Answering them wasn’t a trouble for me. I was confident because the way it went boosted my confidence and I was sure of clearing this round. Out of 35 in the second round, 10 were selected for this round. My CGPA is also decent (8.26) and my profile good too. So I was expecting an affirmative answer. Moreover she was very much convinced with my answers and had made few points off the record too.

But after a weekend, i.e. on Monday I got email saying I wasn’t selected. Shock came when i heard this. The king of codding ,call him person A, who cleared Google summer of code , who had written 5000 lines of codes on a regular basis, who writes an application almost for anything that he wants to get done wasn’t in the selected list either. Moreover a guy who cleared amazon and was an intern there wasn’t selected. A girl having 9.5 above CGPA dint make it either. As I dint get, I might criticize the system and the process of recruitment by MS. But one can never justify either selection or rejection.  Just when I got no as answer from everyone, there was a girl who made it through second round. She doesn’t even know what virtual function is. By this I mean she might know something else but a person who isn’t having decent technical knowledge and who doesn’t have good communication skill either made it. If decent profile was criteria, two above mentioned guys had chance, if good academic was the criteria then  above lady had upper hand, and last but not the least if communication skills was given the priority I am way better than the girl who got selected. In fact we all are way better than the girl who got selected in every possible manner.  I might be telling this because I haven’t got selected. Sometimes your rejection doesn’t sound as astonishing as someone else’s selection. Had I been on the other side I wouldn’t have been so upset, but rejection of person A was beyond my understanding. Whatever be the reason, it was great learning for me. The week I spent learning new puzzles and solving them was fun.

Is waiting for next opportunity and is eager to share with you :).

Abortion : should it be legalized?

Before reading this article, i want you to watch following video. It was sent by my close friend which has inspired me to write this article.

Death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland during delivery has rekindled a debate, should abortion be legalised? There are pros and cons associated with legalising this act. When we have freedom to live, legalising abortion and hence killing innocent child, aren’t we snatching his right to live?

In India, boy child is preferred over girl child. This biased attitude challenges the balance of nature. Neither woman nor man has control over the sex of the child, yet women are blamed for it. Prenatal sex determination and patriarchal system has deteriorated the sex ratio. Government has to run the campaign to create awareness about importance of girl child to maintain the sex ratio. The following graph suggests the worsening situation in India. Hence in countries like India, abortion should be legally banned in order to improve the sex ratio.

India child sex ratio

But this again takes us to the point, what if mother is going through weak medical situation where either a mother or a child can be saved? What action doctor is entitled to take? Let’s add some more parameters to make doctor’s dilemma more severe. What if mother has two small children and is going through weak medical condition? What if mother is widow? In such situations it is quite obvious to save mother over unborn child. So in such cases doctor needs legal assistance to proceed.

But this assistance can also be misused. Weak medical condition is too subjective. It can be construed in many ways and doctor can misuse it to favour his clients who prefers boy over girl child. There must be enough parameters and team of doctors to determine the condition and enough technology to ensure the safety of mother and child.

The question of abortion also comes when growth of foetus is not decent. If a child is not showing good mental and physical development during pregnancy, such weak child will always go through challenges when he comes out in the world. Mentally or physically weak child will have to endure many challenges from peers, which he might not be capable of handling and will go deep down in depression every second he lived. This child might give up and commit a suicide. He will blame his parents for allowing him to come in cruel world. He will die every moment he lives. Allowing to kill such foetus and hence killing it once might seem an option here.

Women not married accounts for 2/3rd of the abortion. And looking at the average age when a girl is losing their virginity, it has gone down in to teens now. So such unintended pregnancies should be aborted. Teen girl getting pregnant, such girl might not have strength to provide enough nutrition to provide her child and this might end up in immature child’s birth. There are social issues related to premarital sex and pregnancies. Law should have clause to handle such exception.  People might argue on providing sex education and creating awareness about birth control methods, which might help to avoid such situations.

There is also religious aspect to this debate. Life is in almighty’s hand. Who are we to stop God’s act. Religiously abortion is condemned and regarded as murder. Different religions have different views. But I don’t want to point out them here.

The point is abortion should be legalised but only in the cases where health of mother is so critical as only one of them can be saved. It should be legalised only during the early stage of pregnancies which takes care of unintended pregnancies. Awareness about birth control method though tops the list.