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Test of TEST (cricket)

Test Cricket

When it comes to cricket, test cricket is the ultimate test of cricketers understanding of the game.   Be it strategically for captain or be it technically for bowler/ batsman.  Ask any die hard cricket fan, even during the era of 21st century, people spend time to watch 5 day long test match and awaits the result. Ashes is the most watched and highly anticipated cricketing season not only in Australia and England but throughout the world. In august 2011 when Indian cricket team toured England, right from the first test it was evident that Indians were not prepared and series was going to be one sided. But attendance was indicating something else. According to Sachin Tendulkar, thanks to t20 cricket more and more tests are ending with the result. The number of draw matches has reduced. Targets in excess of 350 are chased at ease. Few decades ago scoring 400 in a day was the dream ride. But once again thanks to t20 cricket batsman are adding innovative shots in their arsenal and making that 400 target achievable.

Test Cricket


Then why the best of the format is under threat. Why International Cricket Council (ICC) has to interject the idea of day night test cricket. Why to disturb something which is in equilibrium? In this case also like DRS (decision review system) ICC has left the final verdict on the respective boards to decide to implement it. BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) had already tried day-night test cricket. In subcontinent where the game is seen as religion, night test match doesn’t seem to fit in. Due factor is something which plays crucial role under lights. The basic logic behind putting this idea is the post work hour, where turn out of the crowd is expected to increase.  This clearly indicates the business oriented approach of ICC where they would like to bag more money from broadcasters and advertisers.  But I don’t think this will pull the crowd. True fan is always going to watch his team play irrespective of time during which they play.

Looking at the roadblocks for the test cricket, upcoming series are very important for future of test cricket. Subcontinent has the biggest fan following for the game. Hence the series between India and England is very important. If series becomes one sided like the one of 2011, then ICC might have to change bigger steps then above mentioned. Not only India England series but also the series between Australia and South Africa is going to be mouth-watering.  The coming two months when India will host England and then Australia will be guest to India. This is the time for Indian team to establish the lost faith of the fans in the team again. And try to make the test cricket the best format again.

Hoping for some competitive test cricket ahead between the giants of the game.