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Indian Media 2: Paid Journalism

I was wondering what to write, was searching for subject to write an article about. I went to facebook, the best hangout place and read a status by one of my college friend. “A fortnight ago all the news channels were like ‘ We are the first one to expose Gadkari ‘…and now they are saying that Anti-Gadkari campaign was started by Modi because Gadkari was coming in his way to the centre…( all this despite Gadkari has already sidelined himself from the race to become the PM )Clear manifestation of paid journalism and HEIGHTS OF INSANITY !!” And hence the topic for the discussion was found. Indian Media 2: Paid Journalism.

We all know everything and everyone in this world is about money. It is one of the most influential things when it comes to decision making. If intersection of the dreams of all the human being is to be taken then money will be one of the things as the answer for sure. The last thing we would have wanted to get corrupted was journalism. Media plays an essential role in building an opinion. They should be entity providing facts and figures and let people judge what is true and what is false. Let people have their own opinion over the matter. But in case of modern media, the core of the journalism is lost and has resulted into business. Previously we had seen education becoming booming business in India (theme of Revolution 2020, by Chetan Bhagat). The latest to join the league is media.

In ideal situation, primetime shows were supposed to have a debate on stories that might concern indigenous, asking people at the top of the pyramid to have their opinion about it. The anchor was supposed to provide the facts and figures to determine the intensity of the topic being debated. And let people decide which step is ideal and hence to be taken. But what happens in India is, anchor comes with premeditated mind, and takes the debate in the direction he wants. Any naysayer can conclude that the anchor was biased towards particular propaganda and hence the dialectical talk was nothing but an effort to support his views. The shocking part here is, the media houses are owned by politicians and hence it is quite obvious that their anchor’s view inclines with their owner’s political party’s views.

The protagonist of the story is TRP (Television Ration Point). In case of tv serials or commercials, importance of TRP can be understood but for media, its bizarre. It creates the competition which we are better off with. Episode of Nirmal Baba purchasing television space to propagate his superstition is recent to join the series of experiments news channel has executed to increase their TRPs. No doubt the TV space was purchased but that does not mean they promote such superstition. It questions the root of media, the credibility of media.

Nirmal Baba

The exponential growth in number of news channel in India itself suggests huge pool of money, many of which are owned by politicians. For politicians, it is win-win situation. This is perfect business model for them to dispose their black money and also a platform to have forced opinion by their puppets-anchors. On number of news channel, Subhash Chandra, chairperson of Zee Entertainment Enterprises and promoter of Essel Group that there was no room for so many news channels, and that there would be correction in the industry soon.

Recently Jindal group of steel sued Zee over corruption. Naveen Jindal accused them for asking money for not showing story of their organizations involvement in the Coal scam.

Not only Indian media, the biased nature of media is associated with western world too. Wikileaks has provided enough evidence that has shown the truth behind the Afghan war diaries, the Iraq war logs and Cable-gate. What was previously broadcast was biased truth, serving western countries propaganda.

Julian Assange

The answer to all is internet which provides uninhibited, uncensored, and unbiased information. It has made everyone journalist. Julian Assange founder of wikileaks has taken this to a new level. Attempts are being made to regulate internet too, which is an attempt to snatch the freedom of speech from common man. It should be seen as vicious attempt by people at the top of the pyramid to loot people. If the bill to regulate internet get passed through parliament, that will be the end to the freedom of common man. And India should not be called as democratic country anymore.




Indian Media: Crossing the height of stupidity

US Election 2012

It was an election time in the United States Of America (USA), the leader in world economy. Country decisions of whose president has a global impact. In many ways it was very important battle between democratic Barack Obama asking for “four more years” and republican Mitt Romney, asking questions over credibility over eloquent incumbent’s promises. Hence it was perfect recipe for Indian media which was running short of masala stories.
Indian media started talking about Obama vs. Romany from week starting 4th may 2012 and it went on till 9th may 2012 (that too because of one more press conference by IAC activist Arvind Kejriwal). Whereas US media started talking about the election on 5th may 2012 and till noon on 7th may 2012 the stories were over and they moved on. But we were still fighting over the result of the election whether it was good for India or not. (Here started talking implies dedicated bulletins for entire day.) Why so fuss about something which doesn’t concern us at that extent. Doesn’t matter if it is Romney or Obama, It is quite obvious that they would like to keep American jobs in their own country during the time when unemployment rate is at its peak. Top 10 treading topic on twitter had featured Obama or US election but there is very few portion of Indian population who were worried about the outcome. How many of you were actually aware about the flood in Andhra Pradesh, which inundated thousands of acres of crop lands. Death toll has reached 45. Wish we were worried about our own garden before talking debating about the gardener of garden which is not even in our neighbourhood. The US media started, debated, declared and moved on. But the Indian media started, debated and debated and debated and … I remember it was evening of 7th may, when I was with my dad changing the channels and going through the news channels, CNN was showing the story of earthquake in USA, New Mexico, But to my surprise Indians weren’t showing the story of Andhra Pradesh I just mentioned.

Floood in AP
The typical Indian media doesn’t stop here. Rajdeep Sardesai, the winner of the best anchor award by ITA has broken all the record. I don’t know when last time he woke up at four in the morning to cover a national story. May be four years ago when Obama got elected for his first term. Here is one tweet , wish he gets the language LakshmishaKS a tweeter user tweeted “@sardesairajdeep Thank you for your analysis and providing such minute details of the US elections, was really helpful for my life” (source:
It is not about Indian media going berserk after US election. They have the habit of exaggerating every story. And it is nothing but part of the typical Indian mentality. The nominee for prime ministerial candidature has started before 48 months ago of the general election. In India , held general elections to the 15th Lok Sabha in five phases between 16 April 2009 and 13 May 2009.Add two more weeks debating the post-election issues like voters turnout. Add two more weeks debating the pre-elections issues. Add two more weeks before the actual results are declared. Add two more weeks for possible government combination. Add… so there was no aberration when US election debate lasted more then their counterparts in US.
They misinterpreted the line “India me sirf do cheez chalti hai ,ek bollywood dusra cricket.” Hence they try to present every story in a dramatic manner. The tagline is told three times like the one in K series serials of Ekta Kapoor (even she has moved on). The news is hammered million times on bulletin to make watcher accept their view. In India every news channel is number one. I don’t know how many surveys are done annually to keep every media house number one. The list is topped by India tv which provides the humor even faking news fails sometimes to do. Moreover faking news normally make articles over humans. But India TV has some innovative way to entertain their viewers (?!!?). I will have one dedicated article to describing the supremacy of them in humor.
The article touched upon many aspects of Indian Media which I will try to elaborate in my upcoming articles. Provide your feedbacks in the comment field below.

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