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Jab Tak Hai Jaan :Movie Review

Jab tak hai jaan

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma

Direction: Yash Chopra

My Rating: ***1/2 (out of 5)

Are you SRK fan? Are you the one who has enjoyed movies of Yash Chopra , mellifluous  background music, romantic songs, sacrifice for love then you will definitely love this movie. At some part it felt like Veer Zara part2. Let me tell you this movie is a Shah Rukh Khan show completely. Two lead actress and one actor, it was expected to be love triangle and it was.  Many predictable scenes in first half and also in second yet you get people to love your movie is nothing less than class. You will find the glimpse of previous movies of srk in this. Like one from Kal ho na ho where he walks over the bridge rally, one from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehnas song Mitwa. The areas where movie succeeds is the best acting, great screen play, wonderful music which you keeps on humming till you go to bed. The music is already hit and was topping the chartbusters with songs like “Heer”, “Challa”, “Jiya re”.

Story starts with SRK as Samar Anand as struggler in London, where he works as waiter-singer to earn.  He meets Meera – Katrina kaif when he was cleaning the snow outside church.  And as typical Yash Chopra movie, Meera and Anand falls in love.  There comes the twist and Meera finds that she was risking Anand’s life and ask god to keep him alive from the accident he met and in return made a promise not to meet Anand again. In reply Anand starts risking his life by joining Indian Army bomb squad where he diffuses bombs without using suite. Meanwhile he meets Akira-Anushka, discovery channel reporter who while making documentary on Anand falls in love with him and finds the reason why he risks his life.

Movies seems little bit from old time. But after 8 years of hiatus, Yash Chopra made a remarkable comeback if not epic. The kissing scenes in movie were to make Salman jealous instead of sparking romance between Srk and Kat. Because we know the romance lies in Srk’s eyes and his facial expressions.

Had Srk not been 47 and had it not been 3 hours long, it was sure blockbuster. Movie fails to score on some parts. Story could have been made stronger. The first half could have been shorten. Entry of Anushka as actress could have been made little earlier because she was so filled with life which might have written off the boredom first half was creating. Katrina, you cannot be a successful and critically acclaimed actress if you keep riding on your look. You have to learn acting, show some expressions.  Srk, you made an attempt by having a dance scene but not good enough.  Anushka , congratulations for scoring full marks. No doubt the deal with yash raj films has catapulted your career unlike sonakshi sinha.

Yash Chopra was known to take unusual route make a movie. I am happy that he hasn’t followed the viral trend going on in Bollywood- make movies from south Indian movies. JTHJ has a soul and a strong identity unlike most Rs 100 crore grossing mainstream and commercial films coming out of Bollywood pitched as “Masala entertainment”.

However, those are minor issues in what is otherwise, a beautiful tale of love and longing. Here is a fitting farewell to a master of romantic movies, Yash Chopra, who once again, with his muse, Shah Rukh Khan, takes you into his world of unflinching love, hoping you get lost in it. Basically, if you’re planning to watch it, and i think you should, don’t go expecting some path breaking classic like a DDLJ, Kabhi Kabhi ,Dar, Lamhe , and you will definitely leave the theater with a smile on your face, having fallen in love with the movie!

And ya last but not the least don’t leave theater soon it’s over.  Tribute paid by Yash Raj Films in the end makes u give standing ovation to king of romance.

My Rating: ***1/2 (out of 5)